Lifestyle habits, particularly diet and nutrition, , play a very important role in our health and immune system, disease prevention, and quality of life. 

At Neolife, we create personalized and custom-made individual nutritional programs, , taking into account the patient’s eating habits and lifestyle, their complete medical history and individual genetic risk, as well as social, geographical, and cultural factors.  


Our programs are not only meant for individuals who are overweight or obese, but also for those who are interested in improving their health and quality of life through nutrition. They are aimed at: 

People who are committed to preventing illness and improving their physique, well-being, and long-term health

People who are looking for improvements in their nutrition and quality of life, and who have symptoms associated with some specific pathologies, intolerances, or allergies

At Neolife, we specialize in every stage of the patient’s life: 

  • Nutrition before, during, and after pregnancy 
  • Breastfeeding, baby- led weaning, child nutrition, school-age children and teens 
  • Nutrition in adults that are healthy or have comorbidities 
  • Nutrition during menopause and andropause 
  • Nutrition in the elderly 
  • Nutrition adapted to a patient’s goals, preferences, and beliefs: 
  • Vegan, vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian diets. 
  • Sports nutrition 
  • Religious dietary needsJewish (Kosher), Muslim (Halal)


Changes in eating habits and lifestyle have the greatest potential to reduce the risk of disease, and improve life expectancy and quality of life for the population.

What sets us apart, and the key to our success, is the search for results 'with no expiration date', the innovation and experience of our experts, and the application of our comprehensive nutrition method, through which we assess each individual, as a whole.

Each individual’s balance depends on a set of interrelated mechanisms, and we know, that the success of a diet, is not only based on eating less: metabolic and hormonal imbalance plays a key role in the success of weight loss.

At Neolife, we have a multidisciplinary team of doctors and nutritionists, who analyze each individual’s possible imbalances, in order to optimize and enhance the results, all under the strictest monitoring.


Unrealistic goals are often set, together with general diets that are not tailored to the individual’s needs, leading the person to quit the diet and the change of habits.

At Neolife, we analyze each particular case, and work with the patient on nutritional guidelines, adapted to the person’s specific lifestyle and beliefs, always in an individualized way, and suited to their goals, lifestyle, schedules, tastes, illnesses, intolerances, etc., with realistic, measurable and achievable goals.

While traditional methods seek to meet short-term goals, following menus and diets with poor adherence, and based on insufficient nutritional education, the goal of the nutrition programs

At Neolife, is the prevention of diseases, as well as  the well-being and quality of life of patients, teaching them how to eat, how to change their lifestyle habits eand to make them sustainable over time, which is the true  formula for success. 

The field of health, and in particular, nutrition and dietetics, requires a proper regular updating from the professionals, always guided by the latest advances in science.

At Neolife, our nutrition teams specializes in clinical nutrition and diet therapy. It receives continuous training over time and their professional judgment is based on scientific evidence, which allows us to obtain the best results.

As we age, it is increasingly more difficult to maintain our weight or lose the excess weight we have gained. This makes us feel discouraged and want to ‘throw in the towel’. 

But this has a physiological explanation: it is due in part to the internal metabolic and hormonal imbalance, that comes with age (premenopause, menopause in women and andropause in men). For this reason, it is essential to have a medical team, that can monitor and mitigate these undesirable effects , while at the same time changing nutritional habits.




In our nutrition consultations, our main objectives are: 

  • The loss of fatty tissue with maintenance of lean tissue (bone and muscle), achieving an improvement in the patient’s health and la physique, in the short and medium term. 
  • The change of nutritional habits, aimed at long-term aging.


N_P_037Artboard 1 copy 13

From a scientific point of view, the analysis of thoughts and behaviors, that determine food intake, makes all the difference when it comes to weight control processes. In order for a person to modify and incorporate a healthy lifestyle, it is often not enough to show them what they can and can’t do. At Neolife, our team of dietitians-nutritionists are professionally trained to accompany patients in the process of changing their habits and lifestyles, in the long term.  



N_P_117Artboard 1 copy 9

Supplementing or complementing the diet is an appropriate strategy, for people with insufficient energy intake, people with poor eating habits, people who have increased energy needs, such as during pregnancy, deficiency situations to boost immunity, people who follow vegan dietary patterns, as well as special circumstances, where individuals have a significant limitation in the functions of digestion, absorption and/or metabolic disorders. 



Hormonal and metabolic imbalances begin after the age of 35-40, both in men and women, causing, among other symptoms, changes in body composition (gradual increase of fatty tissue and decrease of muscle mass and bone tissue). The proper diet alone, in some cases, would not be enough to solve and/or reverse these problems. That is why at Neolife, we study the patient in a comprehensive and individualized way, in order to provide the appropriate treatment for each person. We work on nutrition together with endocrine-metabolic balance and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), an avant-garde technique and one of the clinic’s programs, essential to managing these situations and improving the quality of life.



To set realistic and tailored goals in any nutrition program,, wen must begin by measuring. Unlike other centers, at Neolife we take into account not only anthropometric panels or body composition, but also a series of biomarkers, necessary to assess the health, aging, and preventive measures of the individual as a whole. This provides us with very precise information,, that allows us to provide nutritional recommendations and training programs. 



The following are just some of the many health problems afflicting our patients, when they arrive at Neolife, and the percentage that we have objectively managed to improve, thanks to our nutrition programs. 


Neolife programs can be either face-to-face or online. 


Minimum duration of 6 months


Duration: 6 nutritional consultations


No commitment to permanence


En Neolife nos especializamos en todas las etapas de la vida del paciente:

  • Nutrición pre-embarazo, embarazo y post parto.
  • Lactancia materna, baby led weaning, alimentación pediátrica y etapa escolar. 
  • Nutrición en el adulto sano o con comorbilidades.
  • Nutrición durante la menopausia y andropausia.
  • Nutrición en la tercera edad.

Además, también nos adaptamos a las diferentes preferencias alimenticias de nuestros clientes:

  • Alimentación vegana, vegetariana, ovolatovegetariana, ovovegetariana, lactovegetariana…
  • Alimentación deportiva.
  • Alimentación según la religión: judía (Kosher), musulmana (Halal)…


  • Nutrición en trastornos metabólicos y enfermedades cardiovasculares: sobrepeso, obesidad, síndrome metabólico, hipertensión arterial, dislipemias, hipercolesterolemia, diabetes mellitus e índice glucémico, insuficiencia renal, hiperuricemia (gota), dieta hipercalórica
  • Nutrición en enfermedades gastrointestinales: síndrome de intestino irritable, enfermedades inflamatorias -Crohn y colitis ulcerosa (dieta FODMAP)-, enfermedad diverticular, síndrome de intestino corto, enfermedades hepáticas (hígado graso), enfermedades del páncreas, ERGE (reflujo gastroesofágico), úlcera péptica, síndrome diarreico, estreñimiento, hernia de hiato, disfagia, gases, distensión abdominal, SIBO (sobrecrecimiento bacteriano del intestino)…
  • Nutrición en patologías relacionadas con el envejecimiento: osteoporosis, menopausia, andropausia… 
  • Nutrición en intolerancias/alergias: anisakis, dieta sin gluten (celíacos), dieta sin lactosa (intolerancia a la lactosa), alergia a la proteína de la leche de vaca, dieta controlada en fructosa y sorbitol, dieta para pacientes con intolerancia hereditaria a la fructosa (baja en fructosa, sacarosa y sorbitol), dieta para pacientes con alergia a las proteínas transportadoras de lípidos (LTPs), dieta baja en histamina (migrañas)…
  • Nutrición y déficits nutricionales: anemia ferropénica, anemia megaloblástica (déficit de B9 y vitamina B12), déficits de vitaminas y minerales. 
  • Otras enfermedades: síndrome de ovario poliquístico (SOP), retención de líquidos, EPOC, cáncer, Parkinson, Alzheimer…


Trabajamos junto a nuestros pacientes para que entiendan qué tienen que modificar o adaptar en sus dietas y cómo tienen que modificar el hábito nutricional de forma individualizada: 

  • Dietoterapia: dietas definidas para diferentes patologías: enfermedades cardiovasculares o digestiivas, alteraciones endocrinas… 
  • Dietas personalizadas para clientes con alergias o intolerancias alimentarias: lactosa, fructosa, gluten… o con necesidades particulares: vegana, vegetariana… 
  • Trabajamos para conseguir una alimentación saludable y sostenible con diferentes herramientas y recursos: 
  • Conocimientos culinarios, planes de entrenamiento, guías de autoconocimiento (: objetivos, actitud), empleo de ayunos  
  • Lista de la compra saludable, aprender a interpretar el etiquetado nutricional, recetarios, recomendaciones nutricionales, trucos, técnicas culinarias y consejos para una buena planificación semanal, conocimiento de los alimentos de temporada y la clasificación de los alimentos industriales, adherencia a pautas nutricionales saludables, (con el uso de recetas adaptadas y trípticos)


Las consultas de nutrición se complementan, en caso necesario, con el coaching nutricional. Se trata de una herramienta de aprendizaje muy útil y clave que nos ayuda a lograr los objetivos propuestos de pérdida de peso y a mejorar los hábitos de vida. 

Nos permite adoptar la actitud y la determinación necesaria para conseguir el cambio en su alimentación; mediante técnicas de autoconocimiento se consigue mantener la motivación y buscar recursos en el paciente, que incluso desconocía que poseía. Trabajamos por y para la reeducación alimentaria del paciente. Realizamos diferentes tipos de seguimientos, adaptándonos a las necesidades individuales de cada uno. En ellos enseñamos, explicamos, guiamos y motivamos al paciente para que aprenda a tener unos hábitos alimentarios y de ejercicio establecidos para que perduren en el tiempo. 

  • El Coaching es un proceso de transformación dirigido a la toma de conciencia, el descubrimiento y el crecimiento personal, permitiendo alcanzar los objetivos individuales, y, en este caso, mejorando su relación con la comida.  
  • El Mindfulness se define como la capacidad de prestar atención de manera consciente a la experiencia del momento presente con interés, curiosidad y aceptación, sin juzgar.  

Con el uso de ambas disciplinas nuestros profesionales pueden recuperar el equilibrio interno emocional de los pacientes y alcanzar sus objetivos de salud.  


Otra de las claves de la nutrición de Neolife es la aplicación de la Medicina Ortomolecular, definido así por Linus Paulin, premio Nóbel en Química: se trata de “preservar la salud y tratar enfermedades administrando la cantidad óptima de moléculas que son necesarias para el organismo y que se encuentran normalmente en el mismo”. 

Este objetivo se consigue a través del uso de sustancias y elementos naturales en forma de alimentos o de suplementación, como vitaminas, oligoelementos, aminoácidos, prebióticos, coenzimas…, los cuales restituyen el equilibrio nutricional del individuo, permitiendo neutralizar efectos tóxicos y mejorar la calidad de vida.


El equilibrio metabólico y hormonal, así como la presencia de factores de riesgo cardiometabólico y las necesidades específicas de cada persona, son aspectos clave en la regulación del peso corporal de cada individuoOtorgando al paciente pautas nutricionales individualizadas y tratamientos médicos especializados en el perfil hormonal, es posible alcanzar sus objetivos de salud y de mejora en la calidad de vida. 

EN LAS MUJERES: la menopausia es una etapa importante en la vida de la mujer que se caracteriza por un cambio hormonal que conlleva cambios fisiológicos naturales. Es una de las etapas que favorece el acúmulo de tejido graso y de la disminución de estrógenos endógenos. El gasto energético basal disminuye con la edad y a esto se asocia, en general, una reducción progresiva de la actividad física, con el consiguiente balance energético positivo si se mantiene la ingesta.  

EN LOS HOMBRES: en hombres, la andropausia es el término con el cual se definen los cambios hormonales en la mediana edad, muy relacionados con el proceso de envejecimiento, donde son frecuentes manifestaciones clínicas: aumento de la grasa corporal, disminución progresiva de la masa muscular, deterioro del estado general, trastornos del sueño, reducción de la actividad neurocognitiva 

Otros trastornos endocrino-metabólicos, como el síndrome de ovario poliquístico, la desregulación de la glándula tiroides, o el cuadro de enfermedad del síndrome metabólico, son escenarios donde los cambios en la composición corporal se hacen notables, se incrementa la debilidad y, el cansancio, se producen cambios en la piel y el deterioro del estado de salud general. 

Por lo tanto, el otro aspecto diferenciador es que la nutrición en Neolife se realiza dentro del marco de prevención global, apoyándose en cada caso, en los diferentes pilares de la medicina preventiva. 


Para plantear unos objetivos ajustados y reales en cualquier programa de nutrición tenemos que comenzar por medir. A diferencia de otros centros, en Neolife se tienen en cuenta no solo paneles antropométricos o de composición corporal, sino también otra serie de biomarcadores necesarios para evaluar la salud, el envejecimiento  y la prevención del individuo en su conjunto. Nos proporciona información muy precisa, que nos permite establecer recomendaciones nutricionales, dietas personalizadas y programas de entrenamiento.

En Neolife no nos fijamos tan solo en el IMC (índice de masa corporal); nos guiamos a través de los resultados de composición corporal, teniendo en cuenta SIEMPRE la masa grasa. La pérdida de peso se realiza manteniendo y/o aumentando la masa magra y ósea y disminuyendo la masa grasa, que es la que nos interesa. Utilizamos conjuntamente todas las técnicas de medición de la composición, aprovechando así las ventajas de cada una de ellas:

  • Composición corporal por DXA
  • Composición corporal por impedanciometría 
  • Talla, peso y estudio morfológico de imagen
  • Plicometría
  • Historial nutricional extenso


Duración: Período mínimo de 3 meses

¿A quién va dirigido?

Este plan es el idóneo para aquellas personas que quieran realizar un programa intensivo de nutrición, puesto que:

  • Padecen alguna patología en el ámbito nutricional: obesidad, sobrepeso, diabetes…
  • Tienen malos hábitos alimentarios.
  • Han intentado en múltiples ocasiones realizar una dieta, sin éxito.

¿Qué incluye el programa?

  • Dos consultas de nutrición al mes, que incluyen un estudio por impedanciometría octopolar.
  • Estudio morfológico por imagen.
  • Medidas antropométricas adicionales (pliegues, cutáneos, cintura, cadera..).
  • Especificaciones de las dietas: tipología de dieta propuesta, dietoterapia, recomendaciones nutricionales, educación nutricional y recetarios.
  • Pautas de ejercicio y circuitos de entrenamiento.
  • Equipo de Seguimiento continuo por parte de nuestro departamento de Experiencia de cliente.
  • Servicios de enfermería y realización de analíticas a domicilio sin coste extra.
  • Beneficios en suplementos nutricionales.
  • En caso de permanencia de un año, el programa incluye la repetición de una antropometría por DXA (corporal dual por rayos X).


Duración: Bonos de 6 sesiones

¿A quién va dirigido?

Este plan es el idóneo para aquellas personas que quieran un bono de 6 sesiones para realizar un programa de estabilización de sus hábitos nutricionales, debido a que:

  • Tienen malos hábitos alimentarios.
  • Han intentado en múltiples ocasiones mantener una dieta y estilo de vida saludable sin éxito.

¿Qué incluye el bono?

  • 6 consultas de nutrición, que incluyen un estudio por impedanciometría octopolar
  • Estudio morfológico por imagen.
  • Especificaciones de la tipología de dieta propuesta.
  • Pautas de ejercicio y circuitos de entrenamiento.
  • Equipo de Seguimiento continuo por parte de nuestro departamento de Experiencia de cliente.


Sin compromiso de permanencia

¿A quién va dirigido?

Este plan es el idóneo para aquellas personas que quieran realizar un seguimiento de sus hábitos nutricionales sin cuotas de seguimiento ni compromisos de permanencia. Incluye:

  • Seguimiento de la evolución del programa por parte de nuestro departamento de Experiencia de cliente.


At Neolife we ​​specialize in all stages of the patient’s life:

  • Pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum nutrition.
  • Breastfeeding, baby led weaning, pediatric feeding, school stage and feeding in adolescence.
  • Nutrition in the healthy adult or with comorbidities.
  • Nutrition during menopause and andropause.
  • Nutrition in the elderly.

In addition, we also adapt to the different food preferences of our customers:

  • Vegan, vegetarian, ovolatovegetarian, ovovegetarian, lactovegetarian, pescovegetarian…
  • Sports nutrition.
  • Food according to religion: Jewish (Kosher), Muslim (Halal) …


  • Nutrition in metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases: overweight, obesity, metabolic syndrome, arterial hypertension, dyslipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus and glycemic index, kidney failure, hyperuricemia (gout), hypercaloric diet
  • Nutrition in gastrointestinal diseases: irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory diseases -Crohn and ulcerative colitis (FODMAP diet) -, diverticular disease, short bowel syndrome, liver diseases (fatty liver), pancreas diseases, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux), peptic ulcer , diarrheal syndrome, constipation, hiatal hernia, dysphagia, gas, abdominal distention, SIBO (intestinalbacterial overgrowth) …
  • Nutrition in pathologies related to aging: osteoporosis, menopause, andropause … 
  • Nutrition in intolerances/allergies: anisakis, gluten-free diet (celiacs), lactose-free diet (lactose intolerance), allergy to cow’s milk protein, controlled fructose and sorbitol diet, diet for patients with hereditary fructose intolerance (low fructose , sucrose and sorbitol), diet for patients with an allergy to lipid-transporting proteins (LTPs), low histamine diet (migraines) …
  • Nutrition and nutritional deficits: iron deficiency anemia, megaloblastic anemia(deficiency of B9 and vitamin B12), vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 
  • Other diseases:polycystic ovarysyndrome(PCOS), fluid retention, COPD, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s …


We work together with our patients so that they understand what they have to modify or adapt in their diets and how they have to modify their nutritional habit individually:

  • Diet therapy: diets defined for different pathologies: cardiovascular or digestive diseases, endocrine disorders …
  • Personalized diets for clients with food allergies or intolerances: lactose, fructose, gluten … or with particular needs: vegan, vegetarian …
  • We work to achieve a healthy and sustainable diet with different tools and resources:
  • Culinary knowledge, training plans, self-knowledge guides (: objectives, attitude), use of fasts
  • Healthy shopping list, learn to interpret nutritional labeling, recipe books, nutritional recommendations, tricks, culinary techniques and tips for good weekly planning, knowledge of seasonal foods and the classification of industrial foods, adherence to healthy nutritional guidelines, (with the use of adapted recipes and triptychs)


Nutrition consultations are complemented, if necessary, with nutritional coaching. It is a very useful and key learning tool that helps us achieve the proposed weight loss goals and improve lifestyle habits.

It allows us to adopt the attitude and determination necessary to achieve a change in their diet;through self-knowledgetechniquesit is possible to maintain motivation and seek resources in the patient, who even did not know he had. We work for and for the food reeducation of the patient. We carry out different types of follow-ups, adapting to the individual needs of each one. In them we teach, explain, guide and motivate the patient to learn to have established eating and exercise habits so that they last over time.

  • Coaching is a transformation process aimed at awareness, discovery and personal growth, allowing individual goals to be achieved, and, in this case, improving their relationship with food.
  • Mindfulness is defined as the ability to consciously pay attention to the experience of the present moment with interest, curiosity and acceptance, without judgment.

With the use of both disciplines, our professionals can recover the internal emotional balance of patientsand achieve their health goals.


Another key aspect of Neolife nutrition is the application of Orthomolecular Medicine, defined by Linus Paulin, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry: it is about “preserving health and treating diseases by administering the optimal amount of molecules that are necessary for the body and that are normally found in the body”.

This objective is achieved through the use of natural substances and elements in the form of food or supplementation, such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, prebiotics, coenzymes …, which restore the nutritional balance of the individual, allowing to neutralize toxic effects and improve quality of life.


Metabolic and hormonal balance, as well as the presence of cardiometabolic risk factors and the specific needs of each individual., are key aspects in the regulation of each individual’s body weight.. Providing the patient with individualized nutritional guidelines and medical treatments specialized in hormone profile, it is possible to achieve your health and quality of life goals.

IN WOMEN: menopause is an important stage in a woman’s life characterized by a hormonal change that leads to natural physiological changes. It is one of the stages that favors the accumulation of fatty tissue and the decrease in endogenous estrogens. Basal energy expenditure decreases with age and this is generally associated with a progressive reduction in physical activity, with the consequent positive energy balance if intake is maintained.

IN MEN: in men, andropause is the term used to define hormonal changes in middle age, closely related to the aging process, where are frequent clinical manifestations: increase in body fat, progressive decrease in muscle mass, deterioration in general condition, sleep disorders, reduced neurocognitive activity.

Other endocrine-metabolic disorders,as polycystic ovary syndrome, dysregulation of the thyroid gland, or the disease picture of metabolic syndrome, are scenarios where changes in body composition become noticeable, weakness increases and, the fatigue, are produced skin changes and the deterioration of the general state of health.

Therefore, the other differentiating aspect is that the nutrition in Neolife is carried out within the framework of global prevention, relying in each case on the different pillars of preventive medicine.


In order to set realistic and adjusted objectives in any nutrition program, we have to start by measuring. Unlike other centers, Neolife takes into account not only anthropometric or body composition panels, but also a series of other biomarkers necessary to evaluate the health, aging and prevention of the individual as a whole. It provides us with very precise information, which allows us to establish nutritional recommendations, personalized diets and training programs.

At Neolife we don’t just look at BMI (body mass index); we are guided by body composition results, ALWAYS taking fat mass into account. Weight loss is achieved by maintaining and/or increasing lean and bone mass and decreasing fat mass, which is what we are interested in. We use all composition measurement techniques together, thus taking advantage of the benefits of each one of them:

  • Body composition by DXA
  • Body composition by impedancemetry
  • Size, weight and morphological image study
  • Plicometry
  • Extensive nutritional history


Duration: Minimum 3 months

Who is it intended for?

This plan is ideal for those people who want to carry out an intensive nutrition program, since:

  • They suffer from any nutritional pathology: obesity, overweight, diabetes…
  • They have poor eating habits.
  • They have tried on multiple occasions to go on a diet, without success.

What does the program include?

  • Two nutritional consultations per month, which include an octopolar impedanciometry study.
  • Morphological study by image.
  • Additional anthropometric measurements (folds, waist, hips, etc.).
  • Specifications of the diets: typology of the proposed diet, diet therapy, nutritional recommendations, nutritional education and recipes.
  • Exercise guidelines and training circuits.
  • Continuous monitoring team by our Customer Experience department.
  • Nursing services and analysis at home at no extra cost.
  • Benefits in nutritional supplements.
  • In case of a one-year permanence, the program includes the repetition of an anthropometry by DXA (dual body X-ray).


Duration: 6 nutritional consultations

Who is it intended for?

This plan is ideal for those people who want a voucher of 6 sessions to carry out a program of stabilization of their nutritional habits, because:

  • They have poor eating habits.
  • They have tried on multiple occasions to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle without success.

What does the voucher include?

  • Six nutritional consultation per month, including a study by octopolar impedanciometry.
  • Morphological study by image.
  • Specifications of the proposed diet typology.
  • Exercise guidelines and training circuits.
  • Continuous monitoring team by our Customer Experience department.


No commitment to permanence

Who is it intended for?

This plan is ideal for those who want to monitor their nutritional habits with no follow-up fees or commitment to permanence. Includes:

  • Follow-up of the evolution of the program by our Customer Experience department.