Álvaro Torres López

“I feel more and more like clockwork.

For me, in this short time, I have understood that NEOLIFE is not a medical center. They are HUMAN WATCHES THAT ARE CAPABLE OF ADAPTING TO EACH OTHER’S FAILURES AND RESOLVING THEM.

After being a top-level athlete in my youth, I stopped playing sports. It changed my metabolism. I went from weighing 85 kgs to 120 kgs. And this, now 49 years old, after 20 years, takes its toll on you day after day.

Society sells you miracle recipes for weight loss, which always have a rebound effect. And you let time go by without believing in anyone, and sacrificing your health. Not to mention the malpractice and lack of sensitivity of certain doctors who only know how to scare you, and who treat each patient in the same way, as if we were all the same. This cannot be the case.

I have been using NEOLIFE for 3 months now, and I have lost 10 kgs. They are helping me with common sense, the basis of everything in this life. They explain to me what to eat and what not to eat, while I am in the process of losing. I supplement the loss of minerals, vitamins, essential elements, with natural supplements. They have studied in detail what works with me, and what doesn’t work. They made me a tailor-made suit. And they are always looking out for me and my needs.

I feel physically younger, stronger, eager to do more and more. And day after day, I am noticing that I am recovering my physical fitness when it comes to doing sports. I do things that 6 months ago I had trouble doing, reaching a situation of almost suffocation. And this motivates me even more.

I have learned to eat. To know how to eat when I am hungry. Five meals a day. I have learned that when I eat more than my fair share, the next day I must burn it off immediately with exercise and avoid accumulation.

Since I started, I lead a happy and healthy life. I am happier, and I feel younger. They have convinced me, as skeptical as I was about these things.

Thanks to the entire NEOLIFE team”.

Álvaro Torres López


Published: September 30, 2016