Fernando López Castro

‘I found out about NEOLIFE through my wife, during the height of a crisis, with nine extra kilos and a hip operation in the near future. In the year that she had been in the NEOLIFE programme, she had noticeably improved and I had also noticeably worsened.

When I decided, I liked the principle of taking responsibility for your health and the prospect of permanent control of it. In nine months, I’m nine kilos lighter and my vital signs are infinitely better, having freed myself from high blood pressure and possibly diabetes and with a recovery from a hip surgery that surprised the surgeon himself. Mentally, I’ve completely overcome stress and I’ve been able to face the crisis situation with equanimity that surprises myself.

My goal was physical and mental balance and I’ve fully achieved it, now it’s about keeping it’.

Fernando López Castro


Published: June 16, 2015