R. G.

“I’ve been a patient of the clinic since February of this year. My initial consultation was to resolve the problems and changes that I started having due to pre-menopause, mainly weight gain, reduced interest and strength for exercising, low tolerance to stress at work, etc…

I am a manager at a company. I travel a lot and I was one of those people who make excuses at work and “doesn’t have time” to exercise and eat healthy.

My experience at Neolife has been excellent, not only because of the medical team and nutritionist who help you and provide consistent and direct advice, but also because of the results: my change has been radical; I’ve learned different life habits; I haven’t been nor am I on a “diet”; I’ve learned to eat healthy and, most importantly, I’ve learned to incorporate routine exercise 3-4 days a week into my life. Because if you put your mind to it you can achieve it; it’s just a matter of wanting to adapt 30 min of exercise to the time of day that works best for you, at home, at a hotel…

I lost 10 kg. I surpassed my weight loss goal in July. I’m full of vitality, strength and the desire to exercise. My mood is improved… it’s a feeling of vitality and health, feeling really good about yourself because physical change is important for that.

The key with eating right for me has been flexibility when choosing food. When you work long hours, eat and dine on the go, the key is flexibility and not subjecting yourself to a strict, closed-minded diet. There hasn’t been one day when I’ve gone hungry or felt weak. The advice of the nutritionist has been key in monitoring the achievement of my goals month to month, both in terms of diet and exercise. And of course, hormone replacement therapy has been instrumental in helping me in this change.

I really feel better, prettier, healthier and younger.”

R. G.


Published: August 29, 2018