Fernando Pérez

‘The experience of a sceptic.

Good morning, I’m a 50-year-old man and I’d like to briefly tell about my experience during my time at Neolife.

I’ve always been a good athlete and I’ve kept in shape until one day I was diagnosed with a tumour. After a complicated operation came the slow recovery, and this caused a very large weight gain. This led me to an emotional downfall, leading to other health problems like an excessively fatty liver.

My wife insisted that I go to Neolife. I’m very sceptical when it comes to health clinics since because of my past as an athlete, I think I know my body well and I don’t think I need them. But I went because she was insisting.

After four months, I admit that my life has totally changed. I’m another person. I’ve lost 12 kilos of fat, I feel fantastic, full of life, enthusiastic, without depression or anything similar to it, without stress, motivated and have strength. Look, I feel good. No, I feel very good.

I could never imagine it, it seems incredible to me. The truth is that the doctor and his team of specialists are great professionals who treat in a personalised and individualised way, giving you the time you deserve. After the most thorough check-up they’ve done, they’ve created a special programme for me that has gone fantastically. I have improved in all aspects of my life.

I can only express my gratitude and congratulate them.

Kind regards,

Fernando Pérez


Published: September 5, 2016