The possible adverse cardiovascular effects of excessive endurance exercise

People who train regularly have lower rates of disability and an average life expectancy 7 years higher than their sedentary peers. However, there is a maximum safety threshold regarding the dose of endurance training, above which its harmful effects can outweigh the benefits.

adverse cardiovascular effects of excessive endurance exercise

The high loads from long-term endurance training can produce fibrosis of the myocardial tissue that triggers supra and infra-ventricular arrhythmias, as well as calcifications in the coronary arteries and rigidity in the walls of the major arteries.

The authors of an article published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings in 2012suggest creating a calcium score in people over 50 who have trained and participated in endurance sports such as marathons, triathlons, cycling , etc. as a screening measure. At Neolife we are pioneers in implementing the “calcium score” in the early diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular disease.


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