New Facial Regenerative Medicine Unit

The Neolife clinic extends its Preventative Medicine program to include a new field: the prevention of facial aging.

For the 5 plus years of our history, we at Neolife have made a great effort to try and offer our clients a comprehensive prevention program, by constantly expanding our services and products. In response to patients’ requests, and seeking a comprehensive view of aging, at Neolife we were aware that we still needed to deal with the outer part of the organism: all those signs of aging resulting from loss of bone mass, muscular atrophy, and the displacement and modification of fat compartments.

Facial aging causes a series of changes that must be assessed together with the rest of our body’s aging, both to prevent and to treat them. At Neolife we are committed to a multidisciplinary, regenerative and preventative treatment aimed at dealing with it.

Neolife - Dr. Ruth García Moro - Facial Regenerative Medicine Unit

The aim of the Regenerative Medicine Unit is to complement that healthy condition we seek, so that it is also reflected in the external appearance of patients, thereby enabling them to see that wellbeing reflected in their image.

For this new focus, Neolife is pleased to introduce Ruth García Moro, the doctor of esthetic medicine who will lead the new Neolife Facial Regenerative Medicine Unit. Dr. García is a national and international trainer and a leading figure in combined facial techniques.

Exclusively for Neolife, she has launched a very ambitious protocol, which she has called the 5R anti-aging regenerative program (Regeneration, Re-densification, Replacement, Refilling and Restitution).

To mark the launch, Neolife will offer free informative consultations with Dr. García Moro, where she will give the client a comprehensive assessment in order to identify the appropriate treatment plan.

If you’d like to request a free assessment consultation, you can contact the Neolife clinic via our online form, by e-mail at or by phoning 91 732 59 50.

The goal of our Facial Medicine Unit is not to Repair, but to Regenerate.