10 tips to help you live longer and be stronger

Some keys to living healthier include: knowing your health condition in general, taking steps to reduce the glycemic index of your diet, exercising, reaching a hormonal balance, nutritional supplementation, stopping smoking, be happier, be more sociable and monitor the development of your biomarkers.

As you can see the list is quite extensive and we recommend that you put yourself in the hands of professionals as they will provide you with personalized and optimized programs, which will in turn encourage you to adhere to the lifestyle changes.

Neolife medical management

tips to be stronger

  1. Measure yourself. To be able to accurately determine how best to approach your health issues we (and you) must first understand your health. Blood tests, body composition, neurocognitive tests, functional capacity, cardiovascular risk markers etc. are just some of the biomarkers that will provide us with the information necessary to allow us to take care of your treatment and you to take care of yourself.
  2. Follow a low glycemic index diet. It is becoming clearer: the nutritional problem in developed countries is an excess of sugars in our diet. The scientific and public health institutions have come to the conclusion that our health problems are the result of too much sugar and fat was not the real culprit for obesity etc. But it is not only sugar that we need to monitor, we also need to reduce the amount of refined flours (white bread, white rice, sweets and pastries) that we consume as well as almost all processed foods as they contain artificial sweeteners and, of course, carbonated drinks (whether they are light or not, they are equally harmful to our health).
  3. Move every day. Exercise is the best therapy that exists currently for both the prevention and treatment of diseases. Exercise is beneficial for almost everything and there are few side effects and almost no contraindications. From getting up from your desk for a couple of minutes every half hour to seven hours of training a week there is a wide spectrum of options and there is no excuse for making the effort to exercise. Recent studies have associated the number of hours sat throughout the day with a higher incidence of diseases and mortality. Tone your muscles, improve your cardiovascular condition and do not lose your sense of balance.
  4. Optimize your nutrition. Supplement your diet with the micronutrients usually absent from your diet, or because your requirements have recently increased (greater physical activity, pregnancy, intestinal malabsorption, age etc.). Vitamin D deficiency is endemic, the contribution from omega 3 fatty acids is generally poor; as is also the case for B vitamins and folic acid. Are you sure that your diet is healthy and well-balanced? Do you eat 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day? Do you think that these fruits and vegetables have the correct nutritional density? Almost all our patients consider that their diet is healthy and well-balanced, but almost all have nutritional imbalances upon reflection. The solution: nutritional supplements.
  5. Do not become intoxicated. Stop smoking now and do not take drugs. To do either does not make any sense. Would you drink water from the sewers? This point does not require further explanation.
  6. Take plenty of rest. Adequate and restful sleep is essential to maintain your long-term health. It is widely known that the average amount of sleep achieved by many of us each day is less than 7 hours and the quality of sleep also decreases notably from the age of 35-40. Try to adopt a proper sleep health routine. Go to bed at the same time each night, sleep in absolute darkness at the right temperature and in silence. Keep your phone, tablet and even the television away from your bedroom. Your health will thank you.
  7. Balance your metabolic and hormonal system. Since the 1930s our hormonal levels have begun to fall by 1-2% per year, which is part of our “programmed senescence” which all mammals are subject to over a period of time. There is a huge amount of scientific publications available that justify the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as a preventive measure against the signs and symptoms of ageing and diseases associated with the ageing process, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and osteoporosis.
  8. Be happy and help others. It seems obvious to say it, but it is one of the most important tips on this list: adopt an optimistic attitude, do not magnify problems, avoid confrontation, meditate, learn relaxation techniques etc. All experts in longevity, quality of life and disease prevention agree that a positive attitude towards life is the basis of health and longevity. It is not always easy, but you have to make the effort. Furthermore, it is important to be able to relate and help others: family, friendship, gratitude… these are common denominators in many of the longest living populations in the world – those that are situated in the so-called “Blue Zones” by National Geographic: Sardinia in Italy, Okinawa in Japan, Loma Linda in California.
  9. Control yourself. Monitor the development of your biomarkers and do not assume that, having undertaken a series of improvements in your lifestyle that the beneficial effects you currently feel will last forever. Nature and life evolve cyclically and respond to the principles of chronobiology: the day, the night, the weeks, the moons, the tides, the seasons…everything goes around again and again and our life does too. There will be good and bad moments, but we should not stop taking care of ourselves or monitoring our health and longevity biomarkers simply because of a change in our life.
  10. Place yourself in the hands of professionals. Although most of the advice on this ‘ten commandments’ style list could be achieved on your own, there is no doubt that proper professional guidance, whether in the fields of nutrition, exercise, medicine or psychology, to list just some of the professions of well-being and health, is most likely to lead to a positive outcome whether it is an optimization of what you already know and to help you continue with your plan.

All of these recommendations revolve around the basic foundations of Preventive Anti-Ageing Medicine, which is why we implement the same in the Neolife clinic and why our medical team is always providing personalized and bespoke advice to our clients.