Coronavirus Detection and Immune Response Tests at Neolife

Here at Neolife, we wish to offer the population the ability to find out if they are infected with COVID-19 or if they have already had the infection by detecting the presence of antibodies.

It is increasingly important to have this information, not only for our current and future health, but also for the health of our loved ones and those with whom we are in contact. Additionally, this information may or may not be necessary when we travel to and from different territories depending on the current legislation. We offer one of the most varied and reliable test catalogs that include the PCR test, rapid antigen test, and serologic test.

Neolife Team

COVID tests currently available at Neolife

  • PCR – nasopharyngeal swab: 125€
  • PCR – saline rinse/gargle: 125€
  • PCR – saliva sample: 125€
  • Rapid nasopharyngeal antigen test: 44€
  • Rapid saliva antigen test: 45€
  • Serologic test: 55€

The PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test seeks to detect viral RNA in the samples, and so it informs of the current presence of the virus in our secretions.

The rapid antigen test seeks to detect viral surface proteins in nasopharyngeal or saliva samples, which also informs us of the presence of the virus in our secretions.

The serologic test informs us if our body has been exposed to the virus and has developed antibodies to fight it, either of the IgM (earlier) or IgG type (later onset and which confer lasting immunity).

It is very useful to have this information because it will allow us to make important decisions regarding our future behavior, assessment, and investigation of present and residual symptoms.

  • If current COVID tests show us that we are infected (a + PCR or + IgM antibodies), we must avoid coming into contact with other people and quarantine ourselves, including from other family members at home, and so prevent them form being infected.
  • If the results show that we have already contracted the virus (a – PCR test and + IgG antibodies), we must continue to follow the preventive measures established by the authorities, but we will have very valuable information that will allow, on the one hand, our specialists to interpret possible residual symptoms, and in any case may provide us with some “peace of mind” since, as far as we know, it is very unlikely we’ll be reinfected.

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If you are interested in a COVID-19 screening or antibody test, these are the steps to follow:

  • You may contact us via e-mail at
  • We will send you a brief questionnaire, created by our medical team, to identify the test that is best suited to your particular case. Our doctors will review your answers and provide the corresponding prescription.
  • After the test is completed, you may schedule a brief medical consultation to discuss the test results, if you so desire. The medical team will provide advice or guidelines to follow based on the results (this will be FREE of charge for active Neolife customers and will cost 20 euros for former customers and new customers).