Metabolic and hormonal balance

Hormonal optimisation involves restoring certain hormone levels up to rates which will never be reached naturally. We are programmed to be born, grow, reproduce and die. Programmed senescence makes it so that once we have exceeded the natural age of reproduction, our body starts a slow and progressive deterioration until death. Part of that deterioration is caused by hormonal imbalance. Hormone replacement therapy involves maintaining hormonal levels similar to those values that were reached in the person’s thirties, with an ultimate aim of preventing diseases and improving the person’s general state of health.

During decades, conventional medicine has used synthetic hormones and, therefore, hormones ‘foreign’ to the body, as the chosen method to prescribe hormone replacement to relieve menopause symptoms. In most cases and always where appropriate, our medical team will prescribe hormones which identically simulate in a chemical form and in its molecular structure the hormones that the body produces naturally.

Hormones are an essential part of the correct balance and functioning of our body. If they were harmful, we would not have them. What is not good is their progressive decrease over the years, which is related with numerous diseases and states of sub-optimal health. However, a bad or inappropriate hormone replacement therapy prescription and inefficient control can have side effects, so it is essential to be experts on hormone replacement therapy protocols with bioidentical hormones. There are numerous scientific articles that break down the myth about the safety of the hormone replacement with bioidentical hormones (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy – BHRT)

Since the results of the WHI (Women Health Initiative) study in 2002 were misinterpreted, there has been bad press regarding hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women.

The problem lies in that the study was done with mare hormones and in women with a predisposition to developing certain diseases.

Nowadays, the same study makes reverse recommendations to those given over 10 years ago, but always with bioidentical hormones.

Due to that study, millions of women have lost the opportunity to prevent diseases and improve their physical, social and intimate quality of life, reducing menopause symptoms.

Many hormones are considered doping substances because they artificially improve the athletic performance of the competitive athletes.

The replacement hormone therapy with bioidentical hormones is not recommended for young people who do not show plasma deficits. Moreover, competitive athletes cannot do it because it is simply forbidden for them.

With age, plasma levels of hormones decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to replace them with bioidentical hormones.That is to say, with the same ones that our body produces. It is a powerful scientifically and medically validated tool to prevent and treat diseases and improve quality of life.

In the United States, more than two million women already benefit from this therapy on a regular basis.

Numerous scientific studies show the capacity of the body to adapt itself to training and to improve its physical condition, no matter your age or level of physical condition.

However,the improvement in physical and sports performance of a person who is already trained above a certain age is limited by the biological process of ageing.

One of the main objectives of the Neolife age management or anti-ageing preventive medicine programmes is restoring hormonal and metabolic balance which will allow achieving similar levels of physical performance as the ones you enjoyed in your thirties.

Indeed, with menopause, there is a deep hormonal change which favours fat tissue accumulation and lean tissue loss (muscular), which decreases basal metabolism.

So, even eating in a similar way to how you did before menopause you could gain weight.Moreover, the diet to lose thoseextra kilos should be a little bit stricter. Regular exercise with the proper guidelines also produces effects.

But what will really make you notice a big change is your metabolic and hormonal balance, with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Your plasmatic levels will be optimum again and this will help your body to behave in a similar way as in previous years. And with a nutritional readjustment and appropriate exercise, you will be the weight you always were.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has always to be done under strict medical supervision.


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