On the one side, we are told that carbohydrates are absolutely necessary for our health and that they should be the main nutrient. On the other side, the latest news talk about having to limit their intake and they are blamed for the obesity epidemic in developed countries.

After the complete failure of campaigns against overweight and obesity based on the demonisation of fat, current scientific interest is focusing on carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index.

The ability to put on weight from a food is not only because of its calories but also because of its capacity to increase the levels of glucose in blood and the hormone insulin. Insulin is the lipogenic hormone (fat collector) par excellence and foods with a high glycaemic index are the main ones responsible for the accumulation of fat tissue in overweight and obese people.

Current anti-obesity campaigns are focusing on these foods rich in refined sugars and flours. Among these are: baked goods, cakes, sweet drinks (even diet ones), alcohol, bread and white rice, refined pasta, potatoes, etc. This does not mean that these foods are forbidden, but we do have to moderate their consumption, some in a drastic way like processed baked goods or sweetened drinks and others in a moderate way like potatoes. In the case of bread and rice, the recommendation is to eat wholegrain bread and brown rice.

Indeed, with menopause, there is a deep hormonal change which favours fat tissue accumulation and lean tissue loss (muscular), which decreases basal metabolism.

So, even eating in a similar way to how you did before menopause you could gain weight.Moreover, the diet to lose thoseextra kilos should be a little bit stricter. Regular exercise with the proper guidelines also produces effects.

But what will really make you notice a big change is your metabolic and hormonal balance, with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Your plasmatic levels will be optimum again and this will help your body to behave in a similar way as in previous years. And with a nutritional readjustment and appropriate exercise, you will be the weight you always were.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has always to be done under strict medical supervision.


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