Nutritional supplementation

We cannot always have optimum nutrition and be able to provide ourselves with necessary nutrients. An age management program measures and controls the amount of nutrients that each individual has in his body and prescribes supplements in the case that all needs cannot be covered with diet. Each individual should take the nutrients the doctor prescribes him, taking into account his needs at the time and the extra intake of necessary nutrients.

Nutritional supplementation should always be personalized.

If you eat every day to nourish yourself, shouldn’t you also take supplements to not have nutritional deficiencies? The number of supplements varies according to the result of the checkup and each person’s diet. Everything that cannot be obtained through each person’s diet will be supplemented.

Moreover, the adaptation to the nutritional supplement intake is progressive, in such a way that the most indispensable ones are prescribed at the beginning and additional ones are added gradually, towards optimisation.

We also have to take into account that not all supplements on the market have the same dose nor do they use the same raw material. So the dosage to take always has to be reviewed according to each individual’s deficiencies.

In our experience, not all supplements have the same effect on our health, mainly due to the dose, quality of the raw materials and manufacturing(not all the formats are absorbed in the same way for each raw material). Neolife has formulated supplements based on the latest scientific studies related to age management and to clinical expertise in the US

Supplements are prepared by one of the best European laboratories, with headquarters in London, with a tailored formula built exclusively for our clients. You will receive your nutritional supplements at your house or office or you may pick them up at the clinic if you wish.


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