Hope for 2021

A new year begins, and we say goodbye to 2020, a year that we will never forget, as it was marked by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s hope the entire population is vaccinated by the end of this year.

Here are Neolife, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2021 and hope all of you and your loved ones enjoy good health.

Carolina Sánchez – Neolife Nutrition and Nursing Unit

New service of personal trainers and physical therapists

Every time a new year begins, most people resolve to adopt good habits, start or resume the exercise routine we abandoned over the holidays, eat better, hydrate properly, abandon toxic habits, and ultimately evolve and improve.

We are proud to announce that as of 2021 our clinic in Madrid is offering a new service of personal trainers and physical therapists. It is aimed at all of our patients who are interested in completing a full fitness assessment. A personalized training plan will be created, with the option of face-to-face or online classes.

personal trainer

In the initial assessment, the professional will analyze in each individual four core pillars: flexibility, core stability, chest expansion and torso mobility and, finally, arm and leg strength.


Flexibility is a basic physical quality that translates into the ability to move the body or any of its parts with a great range of movement, without producing any damage, thanks to the mobility of the joints and elasticity of the tissues.

Several key parameters will be evaluated:

  • A limited range of joint movement may affect certain everyday activities and even trigger some problems, like lower back pain.
  • An extremely wide range of motion may cause joint instability, triggering other pathologies such as dislocations or sprains.

Women tend to have greater flexibility than men because they have more relaxin (muscle-relaxing hormone) and elastin (elastic tissue) than collagen (more rigid tissue).

Core stability:

The lumbo-pelvic region that affects both the abdominal, lumbar, and buttock muscles is essential to supporting the entire spine. Every daily movement should connect the legs to the arms, and these forces must be properly transmitted through this core region.

The optimal stability of the region guarantees the absence of lower back discomfort, both in daily activities and when practicing any type of sport or intense training.

Chest expansion and upper torso mobility:

The sedentary lifestyle has limited the mobility of the back and scapular waist area. Many types of back or neck pain result from the incorrect functionality of the area.

In order to improve posture, relieve back discomfort caused by recurrent spasms in the area, or improve athletic performance, it is absolutely essential to ensure the proper mobility of the chest and joints affecting the scapula.

Arm and leg strength:

Muscle strength is the ability to overcome external resistance of a certain intensity. It is important to note that muscle tissue is mainly lost in a sedentary lifestyle due to a lack of stimulation of the area, as well as aging and hormonal deficit.

Correct doses of strength through specific exercises together with a personalized diet and hormonal replacement, may return functionality to the locomotor system and also combat sarcopenia (muscle loss which may lead to frailty syndrome) and osteoporosis. Good muscle support leads to greater vitality.

In addition to the personal trainer service, we also offer the physical therapy service with physical therapists specializing in post-covid patients, a unit that Neolife created in November 2020 https://www.neolifesalud.com/blog/neolife-post-covid-treatments/?lang=en/

If you wish to learn more about our new Neolife personal trainer service or book an appointment with our medical or nutrition team, you may reach us at 91 732 59 50 or e-mail us at info@neolifeclinic.com.