Neolife post-COVID treatments

The disease created by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, as it’s widely known, presents a potentially very severe disease, accounting for over one million deaths around the world and, officially, over 34,000 deaths in Spain.

Currently, efforts are focused on preventing spreading, the treatment of the sick at hospitals, and the search for an effective vaccine. However, at Neolife we believe that they are often ignoring the state of those who have overcome the disease.

Neolife Medical Team

The concerning after-effects of COVID-19

Multiple scientific studies describe numerous and different after´-effects pursuant to the infection, even if we had a very light case:

  • In a study developed in the United Kingdom, 10% of people had persistent symptoms after a positive test result.
  • A study from the USA stated that 2-3 weeks after a positive test result, just 65% of people had recovered their state of health before infection.
  • A German study speaks of post-COVID heart affectation in 78% of the patients under study, regardless of the severity of their initial disease, while another US study lowered this figure to 46%.

Symptoms of post-acute COVID-19 change extensively, but even in minor cases, they can be associated to different long-term symptoms.

The most common persistent symptoms are  cough, low-grade fever, and fatigue. To a lesser degree; shortness of breath, chest pain, headaches, neurocognitve difficulties, muscle and joint pain, weakness, bowel discomfort, skin breakouts, metabolic alterations such as poor diabetes or cholesterol control, thromboembolic diseases, depression, and other mental diseases, etc.

These facts, which are very disturbing, are even more so if we take into account that Spain is about to reach 1 million positive cases.

Neolife’s new post-COVID treatments

In our opinion, neither the public nor private systems have implemented the specific care to address this problem, which will cause greater morbidity and mortality associated to the virus and which will never be included in official figures.

This is what Neolife is offering services to the population aimed at evaluation patients who have overcome the disease from a deep knowledge of the possible after-effects. These post-COVID treatments include all necessary medical and analytical tests, and a thorough and specialized assessment and follow-up, if necessary.

COVID treatments

We also address other key factors in post-COVID recovery:

  • Nutrition: diet advice to address heal problems after the diseases: persistent inflammation, caloric-protein malnutrition and sarcopenia, liver detoxification, lipid an glycemic control…
  • Respiratory rehabilitation (in case of persistent dyspnea), neurological rehabilitation (in those with neurological involvement) and/or joint rehabilitation (in case of muscle loss).
  • Exercise prescription, providing training routines of increasing intensity depending on the medical indications and the patients’ evolution.

At Neolife – after nearly 10 years of experience in our Madrid and Marbella centers in the development of anti-aging preventative medicine, with great success – we have set a goal for patients to resume their work, social and family lives, and sport activities in optimal health.

If you wish to receive more information on Neolife’s post-COVID treatments or book an appointment with our medical team, you may call us on +34 91 732 59 50 or email us at