Transcend and Neolife | Nine steps to living well forever

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Ray Kurzweil is one of those visionaries who, decades ago, anticipated much of today’s everyday life. When he predicted, more than 35 years ago, that in the 21st century people would carry a phone in their pocket, many thought he was crazy. Today, he is a renowned successful writer, has been awarded honorary degrees from 17 universities and has been honored by three US presidents, among other accolades.

In 2009, Ray Kurweil and his colleague, Dr. Terry Grossman, wrote a book entitled “Transcend, nine steps to living well forever“. Our Neolife clinic, the first of its kind in Europe to focus exclusively on Age Management Medicine, has a lot to do with this book. If you visit our website, you will see that our Preventive Antiaging Medicine programs are based on 7 key steps;

  1. The control of biomarkers
  2. Exercise
  3. Nutrition
  4. Nutritional supplements
  5. Hormonal and metabolic balance
  6. Emotional balance
  7. Detoxification and detoxification following alcohol poisoning

 The nine steps from the book Transcend  stem from the word itself and make up the following acronym:

  • T: Talk with your doctor
  • R. Relaxation
  • A: Assessment
  • N: Nutrition
  • S: Supplements
  • C: Calorie Reduction
  • E: Exercise
  • N: New technologies
  • D: Detoxification

As you can see, the seven key steps of Neolife and the 9 steps that form Transcend are almost the same. At the end of the day, they include everything you can currently do to live as best as you can for as long as possible.

Kurzweil and Grossman explain their prediction for improved quality of life and longevity through the metaphor of the three bridges. To live better and longer you have to cross all three of them.

The first bridge is to do what they propose by the acronym Transcend, or in your Age Management program at Neolife. This way you can prevent age-related diseases and be in the best possible condition for when science has advanced enough that gene therapy with stem cells is a reality.

This brings us to the second bridge which will be “built” within 20 years from now. It is likely that it will be possible to erase any predisposition to suffering from diabetes, cancer or hypertension from you genome, and with stem cells it will be possible to regenerate osteoarthritic cartilage, an infarcted heart or even a brain suffering from Parkinson’s disease…

Even today this does not sound too much like science fiction, but the third bridge certainly does. This will consist of the nanotechnology revolution, in which our quality of life and health will benefit from amazing technological advances such as microchips implanted in our body that control our vital signs, diagnose diseases, accumulate memory and knowledge, etc. For now, this is still science fiction, but so was walking around with a phone in your pocket in the ‘70s.

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