Vitamin D during Menopause

The importance of maintaining optimal vitamin D levels after menopause The decrease in female sex hormones causes fragility and loss of bone mass, which increases

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Vitamin D, beyond the bone

Vitamin D is considered as one of the main hormones in bone metabolism and calcium homeostasis. However, it also develops an essential role in other

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Boost your mental capacity

For stressful situations, improving one’s intellectual performance is always a good thing because, during these moments, it is harder for us to memorize and focus,

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Extra help cleaning your body

The human body has two prominent organs that “cleanse” it of all the waste products ingested or generated by the body itself. We’re talking, of

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How to improve joint function?

The new supplement by Neoactives, NeoJoint formula, is a calculated mixture of the most relevant natural compounds for supplementation to protect joint cartilage damaged during

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